Wednesday, October 31, 2007

High School Conference, CA

Dear saints and friends,

We would like to share with you about the enjoyment of Christ our son had in attending the young people conference in CA about 10 days ago.

JSC wrote...I really enjoyed two things:
First of all, seen in the first message, we have to desperately touch the Lord Jesus. There were two examples of our stance/condition before the Lord. One example was Moses on the Mt, conversing and being infused with God, while there were two other groups down below; the Israelites down at the bottom of the Mt looking from afar and the elders were at the foot or partially up the Mt, yet not at the top. The second example was the woman with the flow of blood whom touched the Lord in a desperate way and was healed; some like the Pharisees were looking from afar and others (the crowds) were pressing on Jesus, yet still not touching Him in such a way. In both instances, there are three groups. the first group are the one's whom look and see the Lord from afar, not really having much to do with Him. The next group are the ones whom are near the Lord, but still aren't close enough [to touch Him]. Finally there are those who are at the top of the mountain with Him, touching Him -- allowing the Lord's healing virtue to flow out of Him to us, being infused with Him, eating the show bread ("face-bread") -- eating and putting on His face. We should be touched about which category we are in. Most of us may be like the crowds, thinking we are living by our spirit, calling on His name once in awhile. But we need to be those who are touching Him in a desperate way.

Second, we saw the need for home meetings. I could really relate to this pt because the home meetings back in Irving were so real and living. Home meetings should be 80% of our church life. It is here that we are blended, joined together, and are prayed for by the moms, dads, bros, and sis'. Of course, most of this was made more real to me when I moved out here and had no home meetings. Funny thing is, the remedy that Bro Tom gave us was to knock/call the saints to find a home meeting, which is exactly what I did two Fri before:)

Then, speaking of moms and dads in the church life, I was reminded of balling in tears when the Shapiro's drove back to CA after staying in Irving for two weeks. It was then that I realized that I had other moms and dads in the church life, so I felt comfortable in calling up Bro Dave (although he seems like a big elder) and inquiring of him about my unique situation of touching the Body life.

Anyways, there's much more, but I'll have to save that for another time:)
Praise Him.

Friday, September 21, 2007

We arrived at Anaheim, CA - Finally!

Dear saints and friends,

Finally, my wife and I have arrived in Anaheim, CA yesterday afternoon! My wife and I have spent a special time together in this driving trip. We took turns driving. One person reads the ministry books aloud while the other drives. We also prayed for many dear ones as the Lord put their names in our heart. We made two stops, one in Amarillo, TX on Tuesday night, and another one in Flagstaff, AZ. This morning, we enjoyed a portion from the morning revival about the 4 steps for a believer to grow in the divine life are: love the Lord, keep a clear conscience by confessing our sins, exercise our human spirit, and constantly contacting the Lord.

We are staying with the Pester’s. They moved to Anaheim from Irving in 1995. We knew each other but not very acquainted. Now we have three months to blend. Their house is close to both the campus and FTTA. They also provide hospitalities to other visiting saints who are serving Bldg. 8. One sister is coming from London this Lord’s Day. She will also take hospitality at the Pesters. We are looking forward to have more fellowship with her. In the mean time, we’re helping to clean up and set up the room for our kids when they come this Lord’s Day. We will start the Emigration Training officially on Monday evening.

Thank you for remembering us in your prayers. We felt the Lord has answered many of your prayers. Our driving trip was very smooth and the weather was very cooperative. The hospitality has worked out last minute, and it was far beyond our expectation.

We miss you all. Grace to you.

The Cheung’s family

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Travel Plan

Dear Saints and Friends,

Since many of you who love and care for us have asked about our travel plan, we would like to share with you our tentative schedule.

September 21 Drive to Anaheim, CA
September 24 ~ December 15 Join the Emigration Training.
December 24 ~ 29 Attend the 2007 Winter Training in Anaheim, CA
January 1, 2008. Return to Irving, TX
Late January Move to London if the Lord allows

May the Lord bless His Move to Europe!

The Cheung's

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The first blog

This is the first blog the Cheung's use...we are still learning how to properly publish a blog...